Benegal committee suggests changes in 1952 Act

By Manishaa R
Last week we had revealed how a section of the industry had welcomed the recommendations of the Benegal Committee vis-a-vis, restricting CBFC’s powers to certify films and extending the categories for certification. However most filmmakers whom we talked to were apprehensive about certain sections of the archaic Cinematograph Act, 1952, which if continued, would severely limit the freedom of filmmakers. The latest on the committee is that it has also made some notable recommendations to the I & B Ministry for amendment of several sections of the Cinematograph Act. Among the sections also sought to be amended are sections 5A, 5C, 5E and 6, which deal with film certification categories, suspension of films and the powers of the Central Government to revise a film. According to a producer these sections are contentious and need to be relooked.

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