Bhavesh Joshi shelved

And that truly makes us sad. The kind of subjects Phantom Films’ deal with, it could have well made for one of their best turnouts but Vikramaditya Motwane has finally called off the project due to creative reasons. This comes as a shock to many as the filming was supposed to start next month with Sidharth Malhotra, who is busy with Brothers now. But the director feels the plot of Bhavesh Joshi has lost its relevance and won’t make for a good watch now. Bhavesh Joshi which was planned two years back, was the story of man blessed with super powers in the backdrop of a government that’s plagued with corruption. With the film getting delayed for a year, the social scenario has changed and a new government is in place now which does not fit to the plot of the film. Making Bhavesh Joshi now might invite unwanted hassles which has prompted the filmmaker to shelve the same though he aspires to make it some other time with a twist in the tale. Well, all we can say is tough luck for Sidharth Malhotra.


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