Brinda Parekh : ‘I wasn’t sure I could carry off Pinki who is labeled a boy at the end’

Bollywood’s glam girl makes her Marathi debut playing the live-in partner of the controversial middle-distance runner, Pinki Pramanik

by Jyothi Venkatesh


All set for your Marathi film debut? 

Yes. I am quite excited about making my debut in Marathi films with a very different role in Pinky Ek Satyakatha, directed by ad filmmaker Sudhin Thakur who is also making his directorial debut. The film is about the controversial middle-distance runner Pinki Pramanik, who bagged a gold medal in the Asian Games and then was maligned, following allegations that she was a man.


You are playing Pinki?

No, Sara Shrawan, a Maharashtrian girl, is making her debut in the title role. I’m playing Pinki’s room-mate who lives in with her and accuses her of rape after the games authorities haul her up for masquerading as a man to take part in the games. Adinath Kothare is enacting the role of Pinki’s boyfriend and coach.

Were you apprehensive about accepting such a controversial film?

Initially, I was approached to do an item number in the film, like Shweta Tiwari had done in Yedanche Jatra. But they changed their mind after meeting me and offered to cast me in the film. But I wasn’t sure I would be able to pull it off especially as it is revealed in the end that Pinki is not a girl but a boy. So I opted to play the girlie roommate instead.


Aren’t you scared of being typed as a vamp?

I betray Pinki, but only because I fall for a big time politician, played by Yatin Karyekar who sponsors Pinki’s training with an eye on the property the government is planning to allot her. Since I am madly in love with him, I am ready to do whatever he wants. So, I’m not really a stereotyped vamp.


You have done big-budget Hindi films like Corporate (2006), London Dreams (2009) and Ek Se Bhure Do (2009). Why this move to regional Cinema?

Marathi cinema is opening up in a big way thanks to generous government subsidy that the filmmakers are getting when they set out to make their second film. For me, language is not an issue as long as the role is a challenge. That’s not something I get in Hindi films.

I have as many as 15 Tamil films to my credit, including Pokkiri (2006), the original of Wanted (2009), Pollathavan (2007) with Dhanush, Manmadhan (2004) with Simpu, Sudesi (2006) with Vijayakant and Guru En Aalu (2009), a remake of Yes Boss (1997). I have done Kannada films like Budhivantha (2008) with Upendra and a Telugu film directed by Srinu Vaitla whose name I can’t recall.


But isn’t the pay packet less in Marathi films?

You cannot compare what an actor gets in Bollywood with what he or she gets in Marathi films. For one, you cannot quote your price till you are an Amitabh Bachchan.


So, is it goodbye to Bollywood now?

I have only one Hindi film, Janta V/s Janardhan, starring Gracy Singh, Rajpal Yadav and Ravi Kishen in which I’m doing an item number and also playing a journalist who sets out to expose the corrupt politicians by posing as a model. I’ve been busy down South brushing up on my acting and am preparing to return to Bollywood with a bang.

I was offered the second role in Agent Vinod (2012) but it did not materialize. I do not mind being labeled an item girl or a sex siren in a big film, but I’m looking for something with more substance.


Reportedly, Hollywood’s calling too?

I am going to Los Angeles by the end of August to appoint an agent and try my luck in Hollywood films. Meanwhile, I’m getting into shape. That doesn’t mean I’m ready to go topless. Even Sherlyn Chopra has stripped for a magazine, Playboy, and not a film. I have notghing against a lip lock or a bikini if required for a scene, but nudity is an absolute no-no, in Bollywood, Hollywood or any other wood.


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