In spite of it proving disastrous time and again why do so many producers decide to release their films on the same day? Trade denizens give out their opinionated version.

By Manishaa R

T.P. Aggarwal- F.F.I and IMPPA President, Producer and Publisher
I would say that the producers cannot be blamed for this clutter of releases on the same day. First and foremost when they announce the release date of their film they are not aware that by the time their films release date arrives so many other producers’ films are also releasing on the same day. Ultimately they have to settle for the same date. Even otherwise every year so many films are released and there are only 52 weeks in a year. So you see this situation is unavoidable. And when a big film is released some producers want to avoid a clash with them.
Anil Nagrath (Actor and IMPAA secretary) :  
Unfortunately all the producers have all the time in the world while making their films. However while releasing their films a death wish overtakes them at such times and they do not plan the release of their films properly. This is due to lack of proper planning and foresight. When two big films are released on the same day, their chances of success at the box office cash counters are good, but when six small films are released on the same day every producer suffers a loss. And as I said before this is all due to lack of proper planning to the extent that even the audiences are confused as to what films to watch and what films not to watch.

Jiten Purohit (Dean of SFI and Director) :
There are 52 weeks in a year out of which 15-20 weeks are consumed by big banner films which in turn sometimes carry on for second or third week. Previously there was a different slotting of A, B or C grade films which is not in existence now. You see on 19th July 2013 as many as 45 different language films were released on a single day. The current situation is much better; besides where do you think the poor Hindi producers will go. All said and done it is only the content-driven films that will run, so my advice to the film makers is that concentrate on the content of your film.
Manoj Desai (Exhibhitor) :
When a film is ready the so called producers want to get rid of it. They do not even think of the exhibitors and the distributors and this proves how selfish they are! And some producers have this desire to enter into the 200 crores mark for which they do not even wait for a clear week or a nice holiday period so that their film can be a real success. And they also do this by giving artificial figures and then they are so shameless that they also go to the extent of throwing a success party. Besides the disastrous result of Sarabjit is right before us.
Prashant Narayanan (Actor) :
This happens in case of any new film maker and his totally new unit especially their new writers. Besides they are too confident of the product at hand so they just feel happy by getting a release date and they just feel that this is the right time and they also feel that this is the right move. In fact they heave a sigh of relief that their film is ultimately releasing regard of its consequence at the box office turnstiles.
Saawan Kumar (Filmmaker) :
The film makers are bound to face failure with the kind of films they make and the kind of titles they keep. They mainly take refuge in semi-nudity, nudity and even vulgar dialogues so how can they expect their films to be hit and on top of that they want to join the bandwagon of this mad rush for release on the same day. My advice to them is that they should first learn how to make good films. A film proves to be entertaining with the depiction of pure love not sex. Even on television the situation is the same, just sex and crime, crime and only crime. I think film makers have forgotten how to make a charming and sensuous film; they just end up making a tantalising film. Sarbjit is a good film but I believe it has already been labelled as a flop film. The situation is too bad as the critics may give the film 3 or 4 stars but the cinema halls are mostly found empty.
Satish Rajwade (Director) :
I feel that this issue is strictly a producer’s call as every producer wants to cash in on a Golden day or a Golden week but if the issue is still blowing out of proportion then I think everyone should come together and find out ways and means to avoid this kind of a clash in future. In the recent past two of the big Marathi films Katyaar Kaljat Ghusli and Mumbai Pune Mumbai were released on the same day and both had proved to be hits.



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