SANJU-BABA -THE REEL AND THE REAL STAR There are celebrations galore in the industry with Sanju-baba’s much-awaited return, after his long incarceration in prison. The best part... more
Manipuri film Phum Shang wins Golden Conch at the 14th MIFF 2016 Welcoming the audiences at the concluding function of the 14th MIFF 2016 on Wednesday, Mukesh Sharma, Director, MIFF stated that the... more
Crowdfunding Of Films- How Feasible Is It? Is Crowdfunding feasible in India considering the fact that there are several filmmakers who do not lack in ideas but do not have the... more
Jackie Shroff : ''I was written off by the critics as a wooden actor'' The down to earth and humble actor who was appointed the Brand Ambassador for the recently concluded 14th MIFF 2016 goes down memory lane... more
The festival circuit-the new platform for filmmakers with a difference For all those filmmakers who are sick and tired of repeating the same old commercially-driven formula, there is a new wave of thought-... more
How far is it viable to grade films and reserve late night slots for adult films? The committee headed by Shyam Benegal to look into the Censor Board guidelines is doing a commendable job with the suggestions it has come... more
Sex Sells and How! Sex sells. And how. Every time you mention the once forbidden three-letter word, you hear a sigh. Though the censors seem to be prudes when... more
Dhaval Jayantilal Gada : ''Our decisions are made after several brain-storming sessions'' He is just 27 years old and has recently taken over the reins of PEN India from his father, Jayantilal Gada but Dhaval Gada is on an... more
Mahesh Manjrekar : ''I feel your flops teach you more than your hits'' The actor-director whose latest Marathi film ‘Natsamrat’ has broken all the records of Marathi films at the box office by collecting 23... more


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