'Immortal' bags the best film award at the 14th PIFF 2016 Sports & Cinema was the theme of the recently concluded 14th PIFF 2016, with the renowned filmmaker Dr Jabbar Patel as the Chairman and... more
Juhi Chawla : ''I decided to be Aamir Khan to get into the skin of my character'' The chirpy actress who I know right from her Sultanat days talks about her role in Chalk N Duster and her journey as an actor over the last... more
The Marathi industry is thriving on content and how Over the past two weeks, the entire exhibition sector including multiplex players, are raving about Marathi cinema that has lately taken... more
Shabana Azmi : ''I avoid complacency as I feel it is the death knell'' The 66-year old actress who plays a middle class teacher in Chalk N Duster and the mother of a Pakistani who fights with the system to... more
What To Watch Out For In 2016? From period sagas to biopics to films on wrestling to the eternally adored romantic comedies, there’s much to look forward to in the year... more
Anurag Srivastav : The Censor Board cannot cater to everyone's whims and fancies CBFC Chief, Anurag Srivastav, defends Pahlaj Nihalani and his decisions in the wake of protests voiced by producers against the... more
Varun Dhawan : ''I consider myself a student till today'' The actor confesses to Jyothi Venkatesh that he has learnt a lot as far as acting is concerned, after working with Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol... more


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