By Anil Nagrath

Why, why, why do we refuse to learn from our disasters as week after week I have been witnessing films falling like 9 pins. Every new release has been an absolute disaster despite the fact that the makers have had celebration parties to celebrate the success of their flop films. Who are they trying to fool and who is ultimately laughing because the world at large which is crazy about Hindi films is looking at the content being provided by us for their viewing with more and more interest looking out for new things but what do we serve them? The same content rebottled again and again with very little difference as no thought whatsoever is put into the story and narration of the events in the film making it all so uninteresting and uninspiring that viewers reject it even at the stage of promo because few films which have released in the recent past have had such painful and morbid promos that no one can expect anybody to pay money for watching such films.
Things have gone to a level where a formula which had never ever failed in the history of the film industry which is sex has totally gone for a toss like Vikram Bhatt’s Love Games which sank before it could be put in water and many other sex based films which have not done well and which have almost ruined the total market potential of such films.These films formed a major chunk of the films being produced thereby totally ruining the economy of the film industry. There was a lot of hope with the rising of Sunny Leone that we have a new star and producers made a beeline to sign her. However a film has to be a complete product in which every individual associated with the film has to participate in making a good film and the writer is the most important person whose vision is ultimately going to be seen on screen. Despite a tremendous hit film like Ragini MMS 2 which made Sunny Leone a star, all the other films which have followed have had zero content and I wonder how many times these jokers want to show Sunny Leone being kissed all over with her clothes on and why should the audience again and again watch this censored version when much better content is available on the internet for free.

Everybody has to realize that a film can only run if adequate thought is given on why and for whom the film is being made ie the premise of the film has to be interesting, believable and capable of being presented in an entertaining way. We have to remember that the man buying the ticket to see the film is already very harried and frustrated due to tensions in his life and thats why he needs entertainment because that is what he’s paying for. However instead of providing the audience what they want in the name of biopics and making of so called realistic cinema which every film has to carry a statement that it is not based on true events and is a fictional story because of the amount of manipulation that is made in the story. Despite all of which the films don’t work because their basic premise is weak and the entire effort to glorify someone who is not worthy of such glorification cannot succeed unless it can inspire the people.Like for example Sarbjit it could have been a successful film only if Sarbjit came out alive and came back to India because then he would’ve been a hero.The present film is nothing but an exercise in futility as it is the story of a man tortured and killed in a jail and his sister’s fruitless attempts at getting justice for him. For a true story like this whose ending is known to the audience, the very thought of making this film just because some actors are interested in acting in it in my view was the biggest blunder made by the production company.No one likes to see the story of a loser as there are enough tragedies in life and the last place one wants to add tragedies in their life is a cinema hall.
Due to this really well made technically sound films flop on the day of release and one starts thinking that the only thing common in all the hit films right from the inception of this industry till today is that all the hit films have been good films which have been helmed by directors who know their craft and who are able to transform the vision of the writers,directors and their team so gloriously on the screen that everyone has to say it is a good film. The need of the hour is instead of being inspired by foreign film makers who make films according to their culture and sensibilities, the new crop of film makers needs to study the work of the great masters some of whom are no more with us but whose films always live on and which are now available on Youtube at the touch of a button.

Instead of concentrating on the content, today’s film makers are basically proposal makers and copycats who have some contact with some star which is why they are able to build a proposal for which they find a financer who has come to Mumbai to lose all his money. The attention of these directors is not on making good films but is on pleasing the ego of the star and this is the result that once any actor becomes a star, his films suffer in content and invariably he has more flops in his dossier than hits.

This is a wake up call for all film makers to work really hard on your script, music and the film because mediocrity is out and no amount of last minute controversial publicity will be able to sell a bad film and unless you genuinely make a good film, your days are numbered.


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