We asked actors like Shakti Kapoor and Sunny Leone, filmmakers like T.P. Aggarwal, who is also the President of IMPPA and new director Jasmine D’Souza, cinematographer Bharat R Parthasarathy and Nittin Keni about this and this is what they say frankly.

By Jyothi Venkatesh

T.P. Aggarwal- F.F.I and IMPPA President, Producer and Publisher
I do not think that it is justified at all on the part of FWICE to declare every second Sunday of the month as a holiday. I would say that it is not at all justified to insist that the workers as well as actors should be given a day off every second Sunday, because every producer is mature and responsible enough to care for his workers and actors. If say my cinematographer is not well, I let him take rest and in his place he sends me his replacement. It is nothing but sheer blackmail that FWICE is doing to harass the producers.
The compulsory holiday every second Sunday of the month is a must for those actors and workers who are busy round the clock and flitting from one set to another like we used to once. Today frankly speaking, an actor like me has enough time at my disposal and I for one would not like to take a second Sunday off, whereas a busy actor like say my daughter Shraddha needs to take off. In fact, I insist that she should take off every Sunday because she does not care for holidays and feels that work is worship. I tell her to go on a vacation for at least a month after she completes the shooting of every film in which she is working or else she will have health problems
It is not at all necessary for any trade body to insist that the workers and technical crew should take a day off on the second Sunday of every month. Whether it is a Marathi film like Kothi or a Hindi film, I have worked on second Sundays without halting the shooting of any film for the sake of a second Sunday. What is important is work and when we bag a project, it is our duty to support the producer who is struggling to make a good project, because there are several months when we are even at home waiting for the right project, as an independent cinematographer and always end up taking not just a day off but several months as off during the period. You should remember that even if the crew does not work on a second Sunday when we are shooting outdoors, the poor producer has got to pay every one for the full day whether they shoot or not on a second Sunday.
NITTIN KENI, Producer, Distributor, Essel Vision
Creativity should not be hampered and productivity in turn should not be wasted by compelling every actor and worker to take a day off every second Sunday. In fact, when an actor is happy to complete his work by shooting continuously and the worker also stands to earn by working every day, why should we ask actors and workers to sit at home on second Sundays and deprive them of their livelihood? I am against the idea of this compulsory second Sunday, because it is not observed in Toto and people still continue to shoot on second Sundays, especially out of Mumbai
If you ask me my personal opinion as to whether an actor should take a day off from work just because it happens to be the second sunday, all that I would say is that it is the question of each one to his or her own, as far as taking a day off from work is concerned. There is no word called holiday in my dictionary or in my world. I would love to work every day, even if I am called on my birthday. I would love to work without taking any break. Even my personal staff is suffering from this syndrome but no one is complaining.
JASMINE D’SOUZA, Director, One Night Stand
Having worked with several crews abroad, though I know that abroad the crews demand a Saturday or a Sunday off because of work pressure, I think in India, you cannot just tell someone who is in need of work to stay put at home by enforcing a day as off for him. Everyone is in need of work. But having said that, I also believe that workers and the crew need rest definitely as everyone is desperate at a different level. If for someone, it is justifiable to take rest because of overworking, then for someone else it will mean a day without pay and hence loss of his livelihood. When a producer is shooting, he has to face weather problems and budget problems. Taking a day off should be a person’s own individual choice and I do not think it is fair for any one person or for that matter body to make a rule for many others without considering the pros and cons of the issue.



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