It is time for a revamp at Blockbuster, we will be back soon

T. P. Aggarwal
Publisher/MANAGING Editor
 These are changing times for the industry with film making undergoing a profound change what with a newer breed of filmmakers and actors now foraying into films. The recent past has also witnessed new marketing trends, with filmmakers exploring bigger markets for their films. The digital space has now become the order of the day opening a new avenue and market for filmmakers. It is in keeping with these changing trends that we at Blockbuster have decided to temporarily take a break and go for a revamp of our esteemed publication in order to give it an all-together new look in keeping with the demands of the market. This was long overdue but keeping in mind our goal of serving the industry and taking up the cause of filmmakers, we decided to keep it on hold.

When we launched Blockbuster four years ago on 7th July, 2012 with great hopes and aspirations, the idea was always to come out with a niche trade publication that would serve the interests of all those engaged in the business- be it production, distribution or exhibition. Over the years, Blockbuster has only grown from strength to strength-reflecting business trends, changing equations, breaking trade stories based on thorough research and of course highlighting the problems faced by filmmakers. During this period Blockbuster also came to be known as the only magazine that identified problem areas for filmmakers and took up their cause. The entire film fraternity has been extremely supportive of our endeavour during this period, giving us their valuable feedback from time to time. I sincerely thank them for the support.

However we all need to pull up our socks and brace ourselves for times ahead in keeping with newer objectives, bigger aspirations and a bigger market. When we do come back with a bang, we intend to look at several new possibilities, a whole new market and of course a brand new look. We are confident that this brief pause will not change our equation with our loyal readers from the industry who have supported us in our journey. I hope our supporters will bear with us during this period. We will be back soon to keep you updated about more.


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