JOHNNY BAWEJA - “Every film has its own individual destiny”

Johnny Baweja, who is making his debut with A Scandall says that it is not a sexy or sleazy film but a coming of age murder mystery with a difference.

By Manishaa R

Is your film A Scandall a sleazy film?
A Scandall isn’t at all a sexy or sleazy film. It is a coming of age, murder mystery cum super natural thriller. The title of the film has a tag line- Everyone has one and we cannot run away from it. The film sets out to talk about sex, incest and of course scandals. The film has been directed by Ishan Trivedi who had earlier directed films like Radio and Saade Saath Phere.  

What is your role in the film A Scandall?
I play the role of Vidhu, a filmmaking student who is very bold, straight forward and honest young guy. Vidhu looks like a bad guy as his character has grey shades to it. But then, who isn’t mean in real life? Everyone is mean because everyone thinks of only him or herself and no one does only charity all the time.  

How tough was it for you to act in the film?
Though A Scandall is not my first film as an actor, I would say that it was extremely tough to play the part of Vidhu especially because I was sailing in not just one but two different boats- production as well as acting. Earlier I had acted in the film called SWAN for producer T.P. Aggarwal who has supported me very well.  

Why has the film SWAN not yet been released?
Every film has its own individual destiny. SWAN was made entirely for film festivals all over the world and participated in Mexico, Berlin and Miami among other film festivals and has won several awards. At some places it was rejected and at some it was selected. We were sure that the film would not get a release theatrically.  

How did you bag the offer to be a part of A Scandall?
I bumped into Ishaan Trivedi at someone else’s office when he was busy working on the script of a film. When he asked me if I would like to act in his film, I listened to the narration and told him that I would love to do the film which was then in its writing stage, because as an actor, I would love to be part of some film which has a social cause and is not just a run of the mill story. It did not take off but when Ishaan wrote A Scandall, he asked me to play the lead.I know Reeth who is playing the lead in the film for a long time ever since we were cast together in SWAN, though it was Ishaan Trivedi who cast Reeth in A Scandall. Earlier he was to direct a film with her but it did not materialize but he remembered her when he decided to launch A Scandall.  

Why didn’t your uncle Harry Baweja launch you ?
Why should I ask my uncle to launch me as an actor, though my father had produced Trinetra which launched my uncle? Though I have nothing against my uncle Harry, the fact is that every father would like to cast his own son and my uncle is no exception to the rule.  

What next?
I would not boast that I have signed four films and am in talks with some producers. I want people in the industry as well as the audiences to see me in my film and then take a call about which film to do next.  

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