Kauphy Talkies comes up with its first two mini-theatres in Vijaywada, A.P.

By Manishaa R

Nine months ago Blockbuster had reported about how Balwant Singh, a dynamic distributor- exhibitor in the south had come up with the idea of revolutionising the exhibition business by setting up a chain of mini-theatres at bus-stands all over Andhra Pradesh. While the Tollywood industry voiced its opinion and debated on the pros and cons of such an exercise, Balwant Singh’s Kauphy Talkies has already gone ahead and set up its first two mini-theatres in the vicinity of the Vijayawada bus-stand in Andhra Pradesh. The 130-seater theatres, called Y- Screens are a sight to behold and boast of the same multiplex ambience right from the seating arrangement, the air-conditioning and the cafeteria. Moreover the admission rates for these theatres have been fixed at a moderate Rs 80. The two theatres will have a grand opening this week. “We are proud of the fact that we have gone ahead and done it. They are the first two miniplexes to come up in India in the vicinity of a bus-station. With their location, they will ideally attract travellers arriving or departing from the city and for local city dwellers,” Balwant Singh informs, adding that the Kauphy Talkies has done the entire set-up for the two theatres. Singh has now set his eyes on Hyderabad, where he has tied up with all the RTC bus-stands. “We have finished the paper work and we will be starting work on our Patanchuru mini-theatres soon,” he says. Moreover he is looking at achieving a target of 25-50 mini-theatres by the year end.

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