Good in parts!
Producers: Sammy Nanwani
Director: Indrajeet Lankesh
Star Cast: V. Ravi Chandran, Bhumika Chawla, Chandan Kumar and Sangeeta Chauhan, with Sameer Dattani and Sudeep
Genre: Drama
Verdict: AVERAGE

By Jyothi Venkatesh

Plot: This film dubbed from its Kannada original version is a story of modern day society, where both parents are too busy making their lively hood. Dr. Ravi’s (Ravi Chandran) has immense dedication towards work, which leaves him with little time for family. His wife Bhoomi (Bhoomika Chawla), divorces him. Their air hostess daughter Alia ( Sangeeta Chauhan) is disillusioned about the institution of marriage and refuses to marry when Kiran (Chandan Kumar) proposes to her. The film is about how Kiran brings the estranged couple together and wins over his beloved’s hand.
Aces:It is an entertaining family drama with a strong social message for the society. Ravi Chandran and Bhumila act well but it is Chandan Kumar who scores by playing a lover boy and a nurse. 
Minuses:Indrajeet scores as a director with his mature handling of the characters of Dr Ravi and his ex-wife wife, but falters with too many sub-plots in the beginning making you lose interest in what is unfolding on the screen. Sudeep and Sammeer Dattani have been wasted.
Last Word:The film is good in parts. See it only if you are desperate.


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