Mard ko dard nahi hota…ab hoga?

#fame comedy puts out a satirical message to all the men out there!

This Republic Day, our nation saw patriotic women marching away to glory and leading troops during the melodious parade. But in the very same country women are dishonored, disrespected and raped on a daily basis. For someone to take a stand and say this out loud is not easy. 

#fame comedy along with their much talented Vasundhara Kaul, have put out a strong satirical message to all the men through the mask of comedy, which slams our society and its customs for demeaning women. The idea behind this video Why Rape is a Joke in India! #RapePublicDay is to question the hypocrisy of the Indian society and the way she puts it into words, is commendable. The video titled ‘why rape is a joke in India?’ can be viewed across different social & digital platforms including YouTubeFacebook, WeChat, DailyMotion among others.

“If a guy is with 6 girls - he's a STUD. If a girl is with 6 guys - she's a SLUT.” She puts across her message brilliantly in a satirical manner targeting the double standards of our society.


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