N.P. Singh: ''I was a fan of CID even before I joined Sony''

The affable CEO of Sony talks about his channel’s flagship show CID which has completed seventeen years of its journey

By Jyothi Venkatesh

Was it true that you were a fan of CID even before you joined Sony?
I was in Northern Korea that time and the show was launched. I was a fan of CID even before I joined Sony. I am a staunch follower of CID. I have been watching CID since the first episode. After joining Sony I got involved with the show and the maker of the show B. P. Singh. I joined 99 mid after the show was launched in 1998. 
What changes did you make?
Changes have already being made. The main things have not changed. We launch all our shows keeping in mind the choice of our viewers and hoping they will like it and the show will go very long. However we did not expect CID to go this longer. The show will keep going. We did not know the show will go this longer. 
Which factor has led to the success of the show?
The simplicity of the show is the reason behind the success. The simple narrative and powerful characters in the show is the high point of the show. The impact of the show and character is immense on viewers. They have become a part of their families. The stories are really interesting and intriguing. 
What technology changes have you made in the show?
The entire forensic lab is changed. The techniques used in the show since the beginning has been changed and updated with every technological change that has taken place. The procedure used by Dr. Salunke has also changed. Waqt ke saath chala hai show. 
There is no clone of CID though a lot of crime stories have sprung on various channels?
You can’t stop people getting inspired from a success like CID but no one has the team of CID ever anyone and when the captain of the ship B. P. Singh the most respected man in the industry. When you have the best team to do the show why should we interfere? 
How has Sony benefited from CID?
Sony shares a very good bond with CID. Whenever we talk to anyone about the best shows of Sony one name which is on the top of the list is CID. 
To double its viewership, you started airing old shows from Sony and Sab on Pal? How long will this continue?
The channel will continue with its strategy till we reach a threshold where we believe that the channel can start introducing original content. Our objective of launching the channel was to appeal to audiences in the heartland and to some degree, Pal has been able to achieve that and we are reaching out to those audiences. With the repeats of shows from Sony and Sab, we have been able to actually double our viewership on the channel. We will proceed with that strategy for some more time and then bring in original content for the channel.


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