Sangeeta Ghosh : ‘I’d love to do a Nach Baliye with my husband’

The actress who’s making a comeback to acting after seven years on the hibernation and more…

by Jyothi Venkatesh

What brought you out of the seven-year hibernation? 
I play Saachi, the 34-year-old lead of Kehta Hai Dil Jee Le Zara who is busy being man of the house while she waits for a man who will give her the freedom to carry on with her responsibilities. When I heard the story first, I felt it reflected my real life story though the situations are very different. But her attitude and the way she handles herself are very similar.
Why did you disappear all of a sudden?
I met Rajvi Shailendra Singh Rathore, when he came to teach me riding. He told me he loved me and I too fell for him when he told me that he didn’t want to have an affair but get married right away. (Smiles) I got married into the Rajput royal family and am a Ranisa in my sasural (in-law’s home) in Rajasthan. I knew I would not be able to manage my career as well after marriage so I took a break and travelled with my husband.
What’s it like being a Rani (Queen)? 
It means wearing the odhni, ghagra and boriya. Though my maa-in-law who’s like a friend doesn’t insist on it, I like wearing the traditional clothes. In Rajasthan, TV is popular and everyone knows who I am. Both my ma-in-law and my husband are very supportive of my career as an actress.
Is your husband also interested in acting?
Rajviji is a polo player and though very handsome, is not interested in acting. If he agrees to be a part of Nach Baliye, I would be too happy to take part in the dance reality show though till date I have refused every offer from a non-fiction show. But in the last seven years, TV has changed a lot and people today are more professional. They value time too and there is a lot of division of labor.


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