Sid Makkar : ''Lajwanti is a sensible show''

Sid Makkar, playing the lead in Zee TV’s show Lajwanti, speaks about how he feels to be back on TV after 7 years after working in films.

By Raspreet Kaur Bindra

Tell us something about you?
I have been more into films. I did my debut in films with Kis Kis Ki Kismat starring Dharmendra and Mallika Sherawat. Then I did films like Turning 30, Dus Tola and Straight. I have played good roles in some Hollywood films as well.  I did theatres. Recently I did Dariba Dairies which aired on Epic.  I have done fictions like Mere Apne with Vinod Khanna and Smriti Irani and Betiyaan.
What got you back into daily soaps after 7 years?
The subject of the show appealed me the most. Lajwanti is being produced by Ila Bedi whose grandfather is  legendary writer Rajinder Singh Bedi Ji and whose father was legendary filmmaker Narendra Bedi.  Unlike other serials, Lajwanti is a sensible show. We have shot in various locations around the border, Patiala, Pahalgam and Kashmir. Lajwanti is like a big budget film as it done on a very large scale.
Did you audition for it?
I was the 100th person called for the audition. It is probably the first TV show I was offered after 7 years. I gave a very bad audition because I wasn’t convinced about doing a daily soap. Eventually after coming across the entire narrative by the producer Ila Bedi, I found the story absolutely riveting.  I gave my audition for the second time. I gave my best and she loved it.
How is it to be back on TV?
I feel blessed to come back with a show like Lajwanti. It is more organized. We don’t work for more than 12 hours. I get my script beforehand. I was involved right from the inception of the show. This is the second time I am working with Zee TV. Zee looks after the actors. It is a pretty bold move on their part to get a show a like this.


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