The Springtime Of Stefano Ricci The Spring-Summer 2015 Collection

February 9th 2015, New Delhi – STEFANO RICCI, the exclusive Italian international luxury fashion and lifestyle brand that recently opened up its flagship store in upscale South Mumbai’s Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, has also announced their Spring-Summer 2015 line. The supremely elegant silhouette, the unmistakable marvel of colour: the collection which Stefano Ricci has created for Spring-Summer 2015 seems to have stepped straight off the palette of Sandro Botticelli, the dazzling master of Florence’s most elegant fifteenth-century painting.

The perfect springtime conjured up by Stefano Ricci sees the lightness of the finest, most exquisite materials, hand-picked and teamed to create new combinations, as well as the bright elegance of hues like something straight out of Botticelli’s renowned Primavera. Luxurious lightness, new combinations, stunning details, ambitious technical constructions whose end result is absolutely light. Little secrets known only to those who seek out something unique time and time again: Stefano Ricci’s spring heightens and underscores the pleasing nature of a solid form that is flawless yet gentle, naturally elegant, simple yet highly refined as only real works of art can be.

Produced by hand and made with love, they are designed to convey a wholly contemporary light which Botticelli might well have called “grace”.

Below are some of the unique highlights from the spring-summer 2015 line:

THE COLOURS: The Stefano Ricci springtime sees the purest hues of precious, refined nature blossoming on silk, on cotton, on lightest wool, on nappa and on crocodile skin. Light checks, Prince of Wales and ton-sur-ton pinstripes recall a world in which business has a relaxed, human face.

DAYTIME: The forms are fluid and cut to perfection, suggesting a concept of elegance which is never a prisoner to structure, but is instead light and relaxed: the shirt in purest cotton, exclusive to Stefano Ricci, is worn without a tie but with exquisite cufflinks, the gemstones of which recall the hues of the pocket square or the light and structured safari jacket, or the ribbon of the handmade Panama hat.

SPORT: Not just ultra-light down jackets but indeed a whole range of elements with a sporting spirit, made using exquisite materials and intense colours. The baseball hats are handmade; the three-button polo shirts are made of pure silk. Outstanding craftsmanship and painstaking skill also come into play for making the nappa, leather or crocodile skin sneakers.

EVENING: The octagonal shape with its perfect angles, which Stefano Ricci has chosen as its symbol along with the golden eagle, becomes a graphic element used to distinguish pure silk cocktail jackets Available in black or dark blue, they are made for wearing with ascot neckties, pocket squares, low-crown top hats and moccasins made with the same silk. The three-button waistcoat is made of an exclusive Stefano Ricci SR Super 160' wool, and the cotton used for the tuxedo shirt is also exclusive.

ACCESSORIES: The matte crocodile skin briefcase sees a priceless double-fastening with the eagle and octagon motifs. The shoes, moccasins and sneakers are all handmade and recall the hues, colours and nuances of the bags. The cufflinks are stunning and made with gold and gemstones. There is a pull-along case, a moccasin and a lace-up. The pull-along is made of leather; crocodile is used for sunglasses in bright hues, whilst Stefano Ricci silk dazzles in the ties and pocket squares.

About Stefano Ricci

Growing up in the universe of silk and cashmere, Stefano Ricci bestowed his talent in creating luxury ties. As a designer, Stefano Ricci has brought continuous innovation to men's fashion. He is a strong advocate of the wholly “Made-in-Italy” production, and an uncompromising entrepreneur. Unique pieces, completely hand-designed, are conceived for an international clientele, not led by price but by the search for excellence. All STEFANO RICCI stores display a wardrobe for successful men in an elegant world, indifferent to fashion trends.

The STEFANO RICCI menswear collection consists of a wide range of menswear-suits, dress shirts, jeans, polo shirts, casual wear and neckties. In addition, STEFANO RICCI produces exclusive cufflinks and leather goods. The brand’s line is expanding with its Royal Suite Collection, in constant evolution, covering various types of products: porcelain and crystal dinner services, silverware, furnishing accessories, linens and leather home accessories. Today, STEFANO RICCI is an ambassador of Italian style, not only in luxury menswear but also in quality of life.


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