There is a disconnect between the audiences and filmmakers, says Sarita Singh, Head of Carnival studios

By Manishaa R

There was a time when some of the top distributors and exhibitors in the trade would count on Sarita Singh, (a leading Bollywood film trade analyst and former Creative Consultant, Sahara One and Business Head, Think Tank Digital Media and Entertainment), to estimate the business of their films. With more than 30,000 followers on Facebook and 90 percent of distributors and exhibitors following her predictions, Sarita was known to be the ace media head, who could dissect a film in a few minutes. Now as the Head of Carnival studios, this talented business professional, is making all the right moves to steer Carnival Cinemas in the right direction, armed with her incisive understanding of the entertainment media and the pulse of the audiences. “I don’t need to watch a film to predict its outcome. I can simply judge a film by its trailer and the likely impact it will have on the minds of the audiences. I go by the psychology of the audience and how they perceive a film,” says Sarita who feels that one of the reasons a good number of films are failing at the box-office is because there is no connect between the makers and the audiences. “People are hungry for good content but there is a great disconnect between the audiences and the filmmakers. The audiences just want to go out, laugh, cry, and feel the emotions. It is up to the filmmaker to bring those emotions out. However that’s not happening,” she opines. According to Sarita, it is the regional cinema that is scoring on this account in contrast to Bollywood which is fast losing track and failing to live up to the expectations of audiences. “That also explains the success of films like Sairat and regional films in other languages that are doing really well,” she says.

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