Wong Kar Wai signs a new drama series

Wong Kar Wai has signed a deal with Huanxi Media Group to produce and co - direct an 18 - episode original drama series for digital distribution in China and around the world. Huanxi has agreed to spend $3.10 million - $3.85 million (20 million - 25 million RMB) per episode, a lavish production budget by Chinese internet drama standards. The show will have two seasons, one with 12 episodes, the other with six, with the first season expected to complete production in 2017. Casting and story details were not disclosed. Wong is just one piece of an impressive stable of Greater Chinese filmmakers Huanxi announced signing Thurs. Influential Hong Kong producer and director Peter Chan also has partnered with the company. Huanxi acquired the right to take a 60% stake in two to four feature films produced and directed by Chan over the coming 6 years. As part of the cooperation agreements, both Wong and Chan, or their personal production outfits, have been given minority shares in Huanxi. They also will serve as artistic advisors at the company.

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